Mumbai – 24/7 SMART CITY

Pressure Management, Use of Dorot 300 Series Valve & ConDor Controller




Mumbai city, with an estimated population of nearly 20 million, is one of the largest megacities in the world. The water sources supplying Mumbai city originated from both lakes and rivers, both pumped and gravity fed. The water distribution system in Mumbai is about 100 years old. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (MCGM) is able to supply between 70% and 75% of the city’s water needs.


To regulate pressure in a water network system with intermittent supply and very harsh operating conditions & the environment:

    • Underground chambers are often flooded, mainly in the monsoon season.
    • Water quality in the system is very poor.
    • The hydraulic valves must be controlled and monitored remotely.
    • Intermittent daily water supply pressure rises from near-zero and drops back several times a day.

    With the use of our Smart Water Solutions: Dorot 300 Series EC Valve & ConDor Controller we will enable effective water pressure management using Dorot electronically controlled & pressure-regulating valves, aimed to reduce NRW and enable 24/7 water supply at a second stage.


    Our company supplied 300 series valves together with 2nd generation ConDor – a multi-function dedicated hydraulic controller rated at IP68. One of the challenges we successfully overcame was to ensure that the entire system continued to function flawlessly even in heavy rains and throughout the monsoon season. This includes uninterrupted bi-directional communication between the SCADA system and ConDor, even when submerged in the chamber under Mumbai’s busy roads.

    MCGM now precisely and dynamically remote-control the valves’ outlet pressure. As an added value, valves can also be opened and closed as necessary for scheduled maintenance or in reaction to bursts in the pipeline.

    MCGM has testified that this drastically reduce the amount of time maintenance field teams had to travel between valve locations via Mumbai’s heavily congested roads.

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