Superior Hydraulics for Smart Water Networks

Dorot Digital Solutions emerged within Dorot, combining our expert knowledge of hydraulics with state-of-art innovative solutions.

Within nearly every sector, the world is on a clear path to becoming increasingly digital. Water utilities are beginning to embrace this transformation, realizing the benefits that can be achieved – some are at the beginning of this path and others are well on their way.

Today, Dorot Digital Solutions leads the industry in water technology advancement by providing up-to-date innovations, smart systems, and solutions that contribute to and enhance the water industry.



Develop & Supply Smart Water Network Solutions & Services

Decrease Costs By Reducing Operation & Capital Expenses

Conserve Energy, Reduce Water Leaks & Pipe Bursts

Contribute To The Responsible Use Of This Precious Resource

Help Improve Water Utility Services

Increase Infrastructure Lifespan

Increase Water Supply Efficiency



“ConDor was installed at 3 different sites, permitting regulation of two water supplies, and resulting in the correct level of salinity and maximizing cost efficiency. In the field, the systems work without any support. We want to go further (…)”

Lonny Scheib

Date Fields Manager, Ketura

“After installing the valve and ConDor all needs were met. Dorot gave us more advantages with what the ConDor can do. At night we were able to reduce the pressure by a little bit more and we managed to save extra money from the NRW (…)”

Christos Iordanou

Senior Technician & NRW Manager , Water Board Nicosia

“First and foremost, with our new ConDor, I gained peace of mind! […] Since we fill our 250m3 reservoir 4 times a day, we can lose over $2,000 every 24 hours – and before installing the ConDor, this happened only 7 times last year – we lost $14,000! With our new ConDor, we expect to reduce these events to zero, (…)”

Amir Gan

Water Infrastructure Manager, Shiller Group Kibbutz





20 years ago, Dorot introduced the first generation “ConDor” – an advanced and unique multi-functional dedicated hydraulic controller. Over those years, Dorot successfully sold hundreds of models. 

In 2015, Dorot began the development of the next generation controller, which would be based on the previous model’s principals but adding progressive and modern attributes:

Remote & Local Control:
change values & functionality via smartphone or website

Cellular & Bluetooth

Several Active Hydraulic Functions
Configured Simultaneously

       Proprietary Cloud-Based Command & Control System   “SKYplatform” (mini SCADA)

MODBUS & OPC Protocol Support – for
seamless SCADA system integration

Dorot Digital Solutions is your
smart solution provider!




Utilities can expect $12.5 billion
in annual savings.*

Billion $ in annual savings by improving leakage and pressure management

1/3 of utilities worldwide report a loss of more than 40% of clean water due to leaks. Reducing leaks by 5%, coupled with up to a 10% reduction in pipe bursts, can save nearly $4.6B, annually.

Billion $ in annual savings by implementing smarter technology

Engaging in hi-tech practices that provide critical data via remote operations, utilities can save up to $2.1 billion annually, or up to 20% savings in labor and vehicle efficiency and productivity.

Billion $ in annual savings by strategic prioritization of capital expenditures

Employing dynamic asset management tools can result in a 15% savings on capital expenditures by strategically directing investment. Such tools can save up to $5.2 billion annually.

Million $ in annual savings by applying quality water monitoring systems

Enacting solutions for water quality monitoring, can save water networks up to $600 million annually, or 70 % of quality monitoring costs, and far more in avoided catastrophe.

*Source: Sensus – WATER 2020 Report – Bringing Smart Water Networks into Focus.

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